The World of Warcraft Diary

Created by John Staats

If you missed Kickstarter's most-funded nonfiction book in history, you can order it here! The WoW Diary was written by the game's first level designer and covers the story behind making Vanilla WoW. With over 130 behind-the-scenes images and 336 full-color pages, it is the must-have book about game development.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

I'm collecting delivery addresses in surveys today
3 months ago – Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 12:58:20 AM

The "smoke test" revealed an issue. Backerkit's automated system was pointing backers toward a placeholder file, but this shouldn't be the case any longer. I deleted it. Fill out your surveys but ignore any download codes. I'll send codes and download links for eBook/PDF files in a week or so. 

I'm emailing surveys in batches because each takes a few seconds to send. You'll receive a survey email within the next 12 hours. I minimized the questions (extra copies, upgrades, and delivery addresses), to make the survey as unobtrusive as possible.

If all goes as planned, this is the only thing you'll need to do for your rewards. ;)

Smoke test is Live
3 months ago – Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 01:49:30 AM

If don't get an email of the survey, don't panic, it's another delay in the works. 

Since I have a lot of backers, I need to do what is called a "smoke test," which is emailing only 5% of my backers with surveys to foolproof our data collection and store configuration. If everything is fine then I can email surveys to everyone tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks for your patience. 

I'm Emailing Survey's Tomorrow
3 months ago – Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 01:43:36 AM

I apologize if things have been quiet, but I've been busy. 

Old news: My EU PayPal backers were finally able to order a copy in Backerkit's Preorder Store. If you were waiting for credit card alternatives, your wait is over. 

New News: Tomorrow you can finally give me mailing addresses (and order extra copies). My backend experience has been less than ideal, but the short story is: We're running almost a week behind schedule in emailing surveys. 

Why the slip in schedule? A couple reasons. I'm told bigger campaigns take a few days longer to get money, so I didn't get funds until Thursday. That meant I wasn't able to pay until Backerkit (who handles the surveys) until late Friday. I was advised to wait until Monday because Backerkit doesn't provide customer support on weekends and many people lose track of their emails over the weekends. So we lost another couple of days. 

I'm emailing surveys late Sunday night. When the bulk of the surveys have been completed (a week later?), I can deliver electronic rewards, the eBook and the PDF. 

What have I been doing while all this back-end Backerkit stuff has been going on? 

  • I inputted and double-checked the final proofreading edits.
  • I added the hot foil gold template to the cover of the book.
  • I created designs for the the gold end sheet (inside the cover). They are ready to print.
  • I implemented the spot-UV treatment throughout the book, so The WoW Diary is ready for printer proofs. 
  • I formatted the eBook. 
  • The bookmarks are mostly prepped to print, I've minor tweaks left. 
  • The Showcase Edition's supplemental booklet also received one last round of professional proofreading. The editors tweaks are in and double-checked. I also did the layouts and it is now ready to print. 
  • The printer wasn't able to give me a template for the Showcase Edition's slipcase until late night Friday, so I'll be working on that early next week. 

That's it. I'll be on-press early in the day October 29th. And I'll take lots of pictures!

Speaking of pictures, I threw together a little mock-up of the Showcase Edition's supplemental booklet. Swanky, eh? (click for a larger image)
Speaking of pictures, I threw together a little mock-up of the Showcase Edition's supplemental booklet. Swanky, eh? (click for a larger image)

Surveys next week
4 months ago – Sun, Oct 07, 2018 at 11:12:39 PM

Things are pretty much on target for post-campaign production. My printer's best guess is that books will ship in mid-December, but its impossible to know when exactly. I still can't say that the rewards will arrive before Christmas, although it's looking unlikely for international backers. 

I'm still waiting for Kickstarter funds, which should within the next couple weeks, after which I'll be able to email surveys (for your address information), followed by electronic versions of The WoW Diary

I've been busy with prepress file preparation. I've a little extra work for the spot-UV coating but nothing I can't handle. The printer and I are meeting eye-to-eye on everything, and so far, there are no surprises aside from the scarcity/cost/delays involved in buying high-quality paper. I've scheduled a flight/car/hotel for my late October through November on-press presence, so everything is moving along as planned. 

I've been contacted by someone about distributing The WoW Diary in retail outlets, but I wasn't prepared for the conversation. I have no idea how much distributors charge publishers for books! If anyone has any insight into this, I'd appreciate some words of wisdom...I'm not spending any time researching this myself because I'm too focused on the Kickstarter rewards but I'd never turn away advice. 

PayPal works on my Preorder Page
4 months ago – Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 12:01:28 AM

My preorders page is now accepting PayPal. Sorry for the confusion, it was mistakenly toggled off my account, so now my EU backers can order without credit cards. Do not order there if you've already backed this project, backers will receive an email in a couple weeks asking for their address and if the want to add copies to their order (with reduced shipping in many areas). 

I did the layouts for supplemental booklet last night. It's cooler and longer than I thought it would be (40 pages). If you didn't spring for a Showcase Edition, you'll get an opportunity to upgrade your pledge when the email surveys are sent in a couple weeks. 

I'm working on the pre-press files for the production of the book, bookmark, slipcase, and packaging today. Tomorrow I'll be getting the last proofreading markups. After talking to the printer's staff this morning, they think my specs are achievable, and I'll be printing in late October through November...all assuming paper is ready. I'm booking a flight and hotel (near the printer) today, so this is getting real. 

Hopefully this will be the last update for a while, I've all my work scheduled through October. Wish me luck!