The World of Warcraft Diary

Created by John Staats

If you missed Kickstarter's most-funded nonfiction book in history, you can order it here! The WoW Diary was written by the game's first level designer and covers the story behind making Vanilla WoW. With over 130 behind-the-scenes images and 336 full-color pages, it is the must-have book about game development.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

5th, The Golden Stretch Goal
over 2 years ago – Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 06:55:49 PM

Old news:

Question: What has two thumbs and is Kickstarter’s 5th most successful non-fiction book?
Answer: The WoW Diary and a pair of severed thumbs!  

4th place is currently held by The Mastery Journal, which weighs in at $280,000. If you’re fine with The WoW Diary playing second-fiddle to a 100 Day Plan to “become productive, disciplined, and focused,” then read no further. I say, that that coveted 4th spot belongs to gamers! Furthering that end, I’m introducing a stretch goal.

The Golden Stretch Goal

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to have stretch goals? I think it was 48 hours ago. Now I'm going to have stretch goals. Why? After spending a day talking to my printer about national paper shortages (although we are covered on paper) I had a cool idea—let’s print two versions of The WoW Diary!

The first, will be the standard Amazon Edition that has all the high-end specs already listed. Then, I'll print a Golden Edition that will be for only and all of my Kickstarter First Edition backers.  

Upgrade 1: Unlocks at $300,000 
The end sheet (pictured below) will be gold that reads “Original Kickstarter Backer" followed the whenitsready logo. The mock-up (on the right) shows the subtle printing, and the magnification (on the left) is darkened and enlarged for readability. 

 Upgrade 2: Unlocks at $400,000??? 
Undisclosed upgrade 

This means all hardcover Kickstarter backers will have a rarer edition (only a few thousand worldwide) than later editions. The Golden Kickstarter Edition will never be reprinted. Owning one means you've helped found my new company, whenitsready and its flagship product, The WoW Diary.

By reaching the Golden Stretch Goal, The WoW Diary would have become, at least, the 3rd highest funded non-fiction book in Kickstarter's history. The only way to make this happen is to tell your friends. Tweet and Share this Kickstarter to let everyone know you support The WoW Diary. Let your freak flag fly and distinguish your copy from future printings. 

over 2 years ago – Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 12:19:32 PM

I spent today researching data management, which is a fancy way of saying post-Kickstarter order processing. It's boring, but more important, now that The WoW Diary is all grown-up. For instance, Kickstarter doesn't allow backers to order multiple copies, these systems will. These data management systems have a lot of features. I'm talking to them tomorrow at 2 PM to see how that works.

My printer was on the road today, so he's going to get back to me with answers for the list of issues involved with larger orders.

The WoW Diary is the 7th largest non-fiction book in history. If we can raise over $225,000, we'll be in 6th place! You hear me, Zen Habits Book? We're coming to kick your ass! If you know anyone interested in computer game development, kindly share this project. It'll help The WoW Diary put this so-called Zen Habits Book, back in its place! 

6th, Delivery Estimate Revision, Multiple Copies
over 2 years ago – Sat, Sep 01, 2018 at 08:26:54 PM

As The Zen Habits Book lays gasping behind us, we're on the eve of good news. Tomorrow I'm setting a stretch goal! I know I said there'd be no stretch goals, but I had a good idea after talking to my printer all day. Why have we been talking all day? Apparently, the tariffs between the US and Canada hasn't relieved the paucity of paper that has plagued the printing industry. With our Kickstarter doing so well, the printer had to scramble to get enough high-quality paper. We're still looking at a December delivery. Best case scenario is books mailed by December 10th. That's the very best case scenario, so I can't guarantee The WoW Diary being will be delivered in time for the holidays. Delays happen on press, that's just the way it goes. At least we're still looking at mid-October for electronic edition delivery.

I'm leaning toward investing in a Kickstarter data management system. The one I am looking at will cost 2% of our entire fundraising. It's a lot of money, but it means an easier, better customer experience. I'll be able to deliver things in a clean, professional manner, support my backers with customer support, and include options for delivering multiple copies at moderately reduced rates to our overseas backers. 

I'm exploring cheaper shipping options. Even by using Amazon's Multi-channel Export system," (which is supposedly dirt-cheap) the first book still costs about the same amount to ship, but the following books cost half as much to send. I'm still looking into other solutions, but it's a holiday weekend in the US, so people are out of the office today. 

Kickstarter's 5th highest non-fiction publicatoin is mocking us with its $231,000 in orders. It's entitled How to Invent Everything. How about we invent a book to crush your sales? Oh wait, there already is one, it's called The Wow Diary

So tomorrow...a stretch goal. 

Day Two's Belated Update
over 2 years ago – Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 06:21:11 AM

Hi everyone, 

I’ve had a full 2 ½ hours of sleep last night, so I can address you with a clear and rested head. Since I’m still thanking individuals for their help with my campaign, let me once again extend my gratitude to you for backing this project. Being funded doesn’t just mean a number of preordered products; it’s the cornerstone in my publishing company, whenitsready. To illustrate what this means to me, let me belabor another Blizzard reference: The answer Mike Morhaime gave to me, when I asked him, “How can Blizzard do things that other studios can’t?” He replied simply, “It’s because we publish our own games.” 

“Owning your work” was the Mike’s formula for success. He explained Blizzard was agile enough to terminate its mistakes and double-down on promising leads. Self-publishers can organically iterate, polish, and augment their material without being weighed down by trending fads, unrealistic budgets, or contrived schedules. Owning your own projects is also uplifting. When you have skin in the game, you fight harder for success. 

Ownership is Blizzard's foundation. That is what you’ve given me. 

I’ve an interview with Wowcrendor now. After that, I’ll move my computer back into my place (I have internet again!) and that involves minor drilling and pulling wires. I hope to get some sleep. Tomorrow I’ve a 10 AM interview with LeystTV. After that, I’ll be able to focus on addressing specific questions or concerns. 

I found the post update button!
over 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 02:50:09 PM

Funded. Ok, enough of the old news. [wink]

First of all, forgive my crazy typos on the AMA on r/wow/ and Facebook, as I am hunched over a dining room table at my relative's house. Why am I here during my Kickstarter? I am here because my neighborhood's internet went out yesterday. So my fingers are killing me, my back is sore, so excuse the unwriterly manner to which my reddit and Facebook answers were cast. 

I need to collect my thoughts. I don't have a prepared, canned update of generic platitudes and gratitudes. I've reached my spamming threshold for the day. I won't ask you to retweet, share, cajole, pimp, or shout. We'll put a pin in that for tomorrow.  :D

I've more interviews and articles to pique more interests down the road. It'll be a fun journey, and there's a lot of work to do, but for now, let me simply thank you for helping me get a leg up on my new company, whenitsready. 

Thanks for believing in me. 

- John Staats